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Mudslide disaster in Darrington/Oso, for CNN Digital

I was out of town when this whole thing started. Sunny California felt strange when every journalist I know in Seattle was racing up to cover this mess, the worst natural disaster Washington State has seen in many years. About 4 days after it happened I was back in Seattle, and despite my kid’s lingering illness, my wife cleared me to head up when CNN called. I teamed up with staff writer Chelsea Carter and focused in on the community of Darrington, how folks have pulled together to get through this. Perhaps more impressive than the slide itself is the indomitable strength and resilience of this town.

We Day San Francisco/Seattle, for Microsoft Citizenship

So much energy exerted over the past 5 days- a marathon session for Microsoft Citizenship. I’m going to sit in a sauna then sleep for a week.

Sea urchin redux, for High Country News

A nice full-page presentation of my last Salish Sea photo trip appears in the current High Country News. Big thanks to Andrew Cullen for tracking me down and making some nice editing choices.

KEXP, for Microsoft Citizenship

Got to see how this Seattle institution makes that wonderful musical sausage everyday. Cool/weird to put faces to the voices.

Rex Hohlbein, for Seattle Met

Some recent(ish) Bloomberg BusinessWeek postings

Re-edit payoff

Spring is nigh. As is race season. I’ve been gearing up to continue my racer series this year, going through my scans and seeing what direction I should be pointing myself. Lo and behold I came across this gem. Dan Walker. A bit of a legend on the local circuit. Not sure why this picture didn’t make the grade first round, but it won’t happen again.

On assignment: the frosty hills of Yakima

At the risk of showing up late I bypassed the freeway and drove the Yakima Canyon road from 90 to Yakima. Highly recommended.

Prison dogs, for Seattle Met

Just before Christmas I drove out to Cedar Creek Corrections Center, down past Olympia, out to where the Olympic Peninsula starts looking like the Olympic Peninsula. Spent the afternoon with dogs and their ‘offender’ handlers for a story about inmates training service dogs for veterans. Pretty interesting. Best part was a conversion with a guard about a very polite, unassuming elderly gentleman who happened to be an Aryan nation shot caller with a knack for making folks ‘disappear.’

Hmong in Fresno, for Equal Voice News (Marguerite Casey Foundation)

Just before Thanksgiving I traveled to Fresno to photograph an Equal Voice story on the stalled U.S. farm bill. Thanks to assignment editor Brad Wong I got permission to stay on an extra day and shoot this essay on a Hmong family. It was one of best work days I’ve had in quite a while. Thanks so much to the Vue/Vang family all for letting me hang out.

Leenee Vue’s family came to the U.S. in 2004 after living in a string of Southeast Asian refugee camps, including a Buddhist monastery that did not provide education for girls. When the U.S. finally issued the family visas, they eagerly relocated to California. Now, living together in a two bedroom duplex in Fresno, Leenee and her family walk the line between preserving their cultural past and embracing a redefining, and at times disorienting future.

Photo essay here