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Boeing 737 MAX first flight, for Bloomberg

Billboards! for Pike Place Market

Very cool/surreal to see these bigger-than-life renditions around town. Some bus ads next.

Portraits, etc. for Seattle Met

Prostitution on Aurora Ave, for KUOW

Part of their Local Wonder series.

New portraits for Bloomberg

Portrait work for Seattle Met

This story is beyond insane. Definitely worth a read.

On assignment: Salmon hunting Puget Sound

New portraits for Cityvision Magazine

Mississippi burning

I spent this past week with NYC-based reporter Keith Griffith digging into the whys and hows of Mississippi’s denial of Medicaid expansion. Mississippi leads the nation in a number of bad-health indicators, including the top slot for amputations. It’s hard to understand how leaving thousands uninsured makes sense anywhere, but particularly here.

Recent work for KUOW/NPR