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Alabama, Trump nation, for MCF

Death in custody, for Seattle Met

Microsoft Surface laptop, for Bloomberg

Leavenworth, for Cityvision

Biz profile video for Northwesty

Inderpal Singh, for Seattle Met

Quote Unquote. The fullest of bleeds.

Alla Weinstein, wind energy pioneer, for Sierra Magazine

Somali refugees, for KUOW

Mike Lombardi, Boeing Archivist, for Bloomberg

Shadow citizens: stateless in Fresno, for MCF

The work I do for the Marguerite Casey Foundation continues to be the most enriching and rewarding. From Brad Wong, MCF News Editor: “A complex and fascinating look by Paul Nyhan and Mike Kane (for Equal Voice News) at how gaps in U.S. immigration policy are affecting the lives of Hmong in America, who are basically “stateless.” They arrived after their families fought for the CIA in Laos during the “Secret War” against communism.”