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Oso retrospective, for Seattle Met

BTS Bill Gates and Carlos Watson, for OZY

Ozy is dope. I’m loving the vibe of this new news site, from content to design. And it helps that my good buddy Eustacio Humphrey is pulling some of the marionette strings. Great to be taking orders from him again (my former boss at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

Dating woes and the formerly obese, for NPR

Article here.

On assignment: mobbing Bill Gates

Things went a little off script after Mr. Gates left the stage at the Boao Forum the other day. His exit wasn’t very well executed and the crowd took advantage, crushing in and adding just a touch of rock and roll to an otherwise pretty straight-laced affair. Only two faces not smiling here: Bill and the guy in charge of getting him out of there.

On assignment: wounded warriors

Spent all day tracking a pretty interesting story about veterans and injuries and recovery and PTSD- hoping for a few more developments to round out the photos. Nothing like spending the day with some war-battered vets to straighten out your perspective.

Crime and punishment, for The Huffington Post

This was an interesting assignment about SPD’s LEAD program (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion). My job, in addition to taking portraits of the key voices in the piece, was to portray some of the seedier elements of Belltown and Pioneer Square. Great to work with Photography Director Anna Dickson and writer Saki Knafo.

Mars Hill Church, for The New York Times

Mark Driscoll may be having problems with the Seattle-based hipster mega church that he co-founded. Nice article by Michael Paulson.

Ghosts of Ojai, for the LA Times

Not often a shoot in Seattle is considered LA local. Kind of a cool story about a garage sale find of a family heirloom and the namesake great nephew of a forgotten tennis legend.

September’s Quote Unquote, for Seattle Met

New portraits for Cityvision Magazine

My last three portrait assignments have featured dudes wearing Hawaiian shirts. What’s going on here?