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Crime and punishment, for The Huffington Post

This was an interesting assignment about SPD’s LEAD program (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion). My job, in addition to taking portraits of the key voices in the piece, was to portray some of the seedier elements of Belltown and Pioneer Square. Great to work with Photography Director Anna Dickson and writer Saki Knafo. Seems like more online outfits are experimenting with commissioned photography these days- I’m definitely in support of that trend.

Mars Hill Church, for The New York Times

Mark Driscoll may be having problems with the Seattle-based hipster mega church that he co-founded. Nice article by Michael Paulson.

September’s Quote Unquote, for Seattle Met

New portraits for Cityvision Magazine

My last three portrait assignments have featured dudes wearing Hawaiian shirts. What’s going on here?

Hussong redux, for Het Financieele Dagblad (Netherlands)

New racers portraits

These are some rough scans from a trip I made back to Ephrata earlier this season. Hoping to get out one more night, then I must find time to sift through all these negs and do some proper scanning.

Boeing 747, for USA Today

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Boeing factory up in Everett for a story about production of the 1500th 747. Always so impressive seeing how these beasts are put together.

Hunt for Malaysia 370, for The Wall Street Journal

So it’s come down to the Fugro, a Dutch oil and gas servicing firm, and this guy, Seattle’s own Donald Hussong, to scour the vast sea floor of the Southern Indian Ocean to find missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. And they are up against it. From the article:

The team of experts hired by the Australian and Malaysian governments will face a difficult task. Initial low-resolution sonar scans of the search zone by vessels including the Chinese research ship Zhu Kezhen and the Fugro Equator over the past month have revealed that the 20,000-square miles of seabed contain patches of extremely difficult terrain including a subsea volcano.

Bezos, for Bloomberg

The man, Mr. Amazon. Wired, via Getty, for Bloomberg.

Seattle housing, for Bloomberg

A new census report indicates that Seattle is the fastest growing large city in the US, and as a result housing is kind of on fire here. Bloomberg News tasked me to capture the most palpable evidence of all that: jacked-up housing prices and construction cranes everywhere you look.